Product description

The Brava® Protective Ring Convex is designed with dual adhesive technology, with skin friendly adhesive facing the skin and erosion resistant adhesive towards the stoma. It provides a protective seal around your stoma and is designed to protect the skin against leakage and provide convexity to the peristomal area for stomas at or below skin level.

Key benefits:

Brava® Protective Ring Convex provides a high tack to both the users skin and barrier, is able to fill small creases, and has a high degree of flexibility to ensure a protective seal during body movement.

It absorbs adequate amounts of moisture from the skin to support healthy skin and ensures a good pH balance.

Brava Protective Ring Convex is available in 6 different sizes to accommodate individual needs and stoma sizes and is also shapable to fit individual stoma shapes, while sustaining its convexity.