Product description

SpeediCath Compact Eve sets new standards in discretion and ease-of-use. It is only the size of a mascara and can be carried and used without anyone noticing it's a catheter. It has an ergonomic triangular shape for a better grip during handling and also features one-step easy opening and secure resealing. Its sleek and stylish design ensures it will fit as comfortably into your life as it will into your handbag.

Key benefits:

SpeediCath Compact Eve is the first catheter on the market to offer a triangular shape. The ergonomic triangular design makes it easy to control and ensures a better grip during handling. It also provides a stable placement when the catheter in placed on a flat surface.

Women value more than just the functionality of the products they use. They also greatly value the look and design of them. We believe that catheters should reflect this point of view and that’s they we developed SpeediCath Compact Eve.

SpeediCath Compact Eve is designed to look like anything but a catheter. It can be carried and used without anyone noticing it’s a catheter. It’s distinct and attractive design is inspired by the cosmetics world and the product is only the size of a mascara. SpeediCath Compact Eve will fit as comfortably in to your life as it will your handbag.

The catheter can be opened with a single twist in either direction. SpeediCath Compact Eve also has a unique hydrophilic coating making it instantly ready to use, and there is also the option to connect a urine bag.

After use, the product can be reclosed in one simple step, so it can be disposed of or taken with you.